Small Business Services

Its hard to define a “small business” now a days…. when I first started looking at this offering I had in mind someone who owned a small chain of petrol forecourts, maybe a Funeral Director Service or a large accountancy practice across a number of offices. But the expansion of on line services widens this scope and new small business opportunites present themselves in the market.

In order to thrive, we felt that small businesses should be able to focus on their core activities and not worry about IT getting in the way.

So we created our small business offering!

The fact is there is no scope to this offering, what we wanted to do is give you a point of contact to talk things through and offer a flexible set of services which does not tie you in or constrain you. So how can we help? Well we think the list below gives you some examples but we are happy to talk about any IT assignment.

  • Assess your current IT estate and develop a 3 year budget and 5 year replacement / upgrade plan
  • Review your IT supplier contracts to ensure you are getting best value for money and service levels are being met
  • Support an IT tender process for new services or a supplier replacement program
  • Project manage the delivery of an IT solution
  • Provide a low cost IT service desk or a fully managed IT service for your users

If any of these ideas piqued your interest we would love to discuss what you are thinking. Whilst we have a rate card for work delivered, these exploratory calls are always free and with absolutely no obligation.