Contract Services (PSC)

Nuts and May Limited is an IT resource based Personal Services Company (PSC) based in North Wales and well experienced in working on assignments throughout the UK.

Our core experience is grounded in the logistics and retail sectors, although we have had experience in Banking and pride ourselves in being able to adapt to our clients needs and requirements.

We have worked heavily in the consumer goods tech sector, automotive logistics and have a depth of experience in government ran healthcare (NHS).

Our core offering is around the following services:

IT Project and Program Management:

Waterfall, Agile or “Wagile”, we have seen and operated in all forms of IT Project delivery. Whilst we love a good Gantt chart, we are quite happy pushing tiles around on a Kanban board and whilst we lean toward MS Project and Clarizen we can adapt to a wide range of PM tools.

If you need a resource to deliver an IT project, set up an PMO or just give a bit of a hand to tidying up your portfolio, we can provide the resources to deliver.

IT Service Desks:

Its where we started, running an inhouse IT Service Desk, putting in ITSM processes of Incident, Major Incident and Problem Management and refining the toolset. A phase of oursourcing gave us the experience of transformation and managing third party suppliers then another stint of in house service desks. There is not much we have not seen in this space!

We now offer small businesses and start up software development houses a low cost / low risk IT Service Desk with a transparent pricing structure. What other way is there to wow your users of customers!

Other ITSM Processes:

OK, cards on the table, we love (well relish) an IT Crisis! Our strength lies in in Major Incident Management and from virus outbreaks, data centre failures, failed changes and just the plain stupid or frustrating, we have probably seen and managed) most of it.

Supplier management? well we can add BT, Barron McCann, IBM, Getronics and DXC to some of the suppliers we have managed and worked with. Whether it is contract reviews, day to day supplier management or working collaboratively on IT Project delivery and the transition into live service, we are happy with both the “partnership” approach or when needed going toe to toe…

The rest of the ITSM stuff? I could carry on writing pages, so probably best just to give us a call on 07791 369636 to discuss it further.