Service Desk


Most people who have worked for larger organisation will have experienced a call into the “service desk”. Whether it is to get a password reset, order some new hardware, get help with a “how do I” or report a major system failure, it is part and parcel of any business where IT exists.

At Nuts and May, having started firmly in the Service Desk discipline, we have always felt that smaller businesses can off this to their users, small (or single) headcount operations could leave the IT worries to someone else and start up software houses can create a more professional persona by offering a fully integrated Service Desk as part of their sales process.


So what is the deal? Well from us you get the following:

  • Set up of the Service Desk and all associated information to map your services into a support model
  • 3 months of Mon – Fri (09:00 – 17:00) Service Desk Incident Management
  • Calls logged via email or dedicated portal
  • Incidents managed to a target 4 hour response
  • Weekly service reporting

As this is an opportunity for us to develop our service we are working to the following pricing model

  • 3 month commitment from both parties. No lock in after that point.
  • Clear banded pricing model starting at 0 – 50 incidents per week
  • Significantly discounted against our expected price to market as a thank you for assisting in us developing our offering

Offer Pricing: exc VAT

  • 50% discount of client set up costs (normally estimated at £1050)
  • Ticket bands capped at 50% discount (month 1) and 25% (month 2) rising to full cost for month 3 (see table)
  • Bands are based on tickets raised not contacts (ie we do not charge you more if you end up chasing your ticket!)
  • No commitment after month 3

Full prices: 1st Jan 2020

Note – the costs above, are based on a small business with up to 50 employees / end devices and 5 primary software elements. Set up costs may vary based on other scenarios.