Software Houses

Whether you are an established software development house, or a new start up trying to break into the software market, sometimes, in order to give you that extra edge in the support or marketing areas, it can be useful to have a wider portfolio of services.

With a deep experience in project managing infrastructure and software delivery as well as over 10 years served at the coal face of IT Service Management, we believe we can tailor a package to make you stand out from other software companies.

Our unique selling point is that we do not tie you in to long term agreements. We would always ask for a minimum term of 3 months for our Service Desk offering. That allows us to spread any set up costs and ensure that you start to see value from our service, but after that, it we have served a purpose you can continue with the service on a rolling monthly basis or cut our ties knowing that we are there in the background if you need us again.

For other pieces of work, that does not mean full time…. if the piece of work only requires a day a week or a couple of days one week and then none the next week we can create a model to suit you.

So how can we help you?

Project Management

Infrastructure – Whether it is standing up a small data centre or comms room, migrating physical servers to a cloud based service or running a server upgrade program, we have experience in a wide range of infrastructure based projects. We tend to find these types of projects lend themselves better to a traditional waterfall approach using Prince 2 as our framework and utilising MS Project as the integrated planning tool.

Software – Our roots are set firmly in enterprise level Warehouse Management systems with Integration layers. When we say we have developed these skills facing into some of the biggest players in the tech sector and later in the healthcare sector during one of the biggest health crisis to hit the UK, we do not underplay our confidence. If you are developing any form of software solution from scratch or running an upgrade program on an existing product, we can approach it in a Waterfall or Agile way.

Testing – There is no point having the best product if you get let down by a poor final delivery. We have extensive experience in planing and co-coordinating the UAT phase of testing and feel that an independent point of co-ordination will give an additional level of confidence to your delivery outcome.


Service Desk – this is something we see as our core offering and something that we are actively developing with a significant discount for those early adopters. Imagine being able to present a product, no matter how small your start up user base is, where a dedicated service desk exists? We can develop a range of SLA’s and incorporate service reporting, trending, Problem Management and even Major Incident Management if needed.

Account Management – If you are a pure development house and do not have people use to facing into the client, or require a service face into your sales pitches, we can compliment your organisation. We have sat on both sides of the fence so know how to represent your product as well as knowing how the client feels or could be behaving with you.

Change and Release Management – Once you have a product live, it is always good practice to carryout a controlled and staged release management. As well as managing your releases we can also provide the correct governance / gateways using established Service Management Change processes including Advisory Boards and a tool set with an approval workflow.